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weekly photo challenge: work of art

I gaze at the moon –

and every night is the night

I waited for



This week, the photo challenge is to share a photo of something that’s art … visit the dailypost to view additional images submitted for this week’s challenge.


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weekly photo challenge: on the move


The afternoon swam by

like a giant fish

with red translucent scales.

In its stillness

the palm trees were copper

and coconuts round

with the clanging of a gong; my eyes

were sweetened

in the orange sifting of oboes.

                                       ~Wang Phui Nam (1935-)*


visit the Daily Post at to view additional images submitted for this week’s photo challenge: on the move


fire in the sea

an anthology of poetry and art

Sue Cowing


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the nature of attention


…the nature of attention alters what it finds; and specifically that when we cease to act, to be involved, spontaneous and intuitive, and instead become passive, disengaged, self-conscious, and stare in an ‘objective’ fashion at the world around us, it becomes bizarre, alien, frightening…madness…is the end-point of the trajectory [that] consciousness follows when it separates from the body and the passions, and from the social and practical world, and turns in upon itself…there is a close relation between philosophy and madness. The philosopher’s predilection for abstraction and alienation – for detachment from body, world and community, can produce a type of seeing and experiencing which is, in a literal sense, pathological.*

The Master and his Emissary
Iain McGilchrist

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the rememberer


the rememberer…is a person who defies the natural laws of decay, one who makes the heart a more hospitable  ground for the traces of the past than stone could ever be. The rememberer might also be a lonely rebel against the passage of time. To resist the erasures occasioned by this passage of time, memories have to be written down.

…the memories which lie within us are not carved in stone, nor do they tend to become erased as years go by. But often they change, or even grow by incorporating extraneous features. ‘This scant reliability of our memories will be satisfactorily explained only when we know in what language, what alphabet they are written, on what surface, and with what pen: to this day we are still far from this goal.’ [Primo Levi] *


Bridge Across Broken Time

Vera Schwarez


EV Abraham


BC Kofford

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photo friday: huge

“But why now!”

You will ask, awake

in autumn night.

                                                                      ~ Nishiyama Soin*


*cited in:

Haiku Before Haiku

Trans:  Steven Carter

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street art: bear and fish

With tranquillity, the small goes and the great comes, with auspicious success:

this means heaven and earth interact, so that all things and beings attain fulfillment.  

Above and below interact, and their wills are the same.*




I Ching  The Book of Change

Trans: Thomas Clearly



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photo friday: delicious!

Seeing one finger, hearing a frog jump into the water, experiencing the sunrise, washing one’s face in the early morning – anything will serve as a medium of realization if the mind is serene*



A Zen Wave

Robert Aitken


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