when the student is ready the teacher will appear

I have come to see a part of myself as a ruminant autodidactic waiting for her teacher to appear … or it could be that I’m a student unaware that the teacher has already appeared as a collective of authors within a book format?

The journey of an autodidactic offers many opportunities to stumble and then to righten oneself with renewed realization.  Tulku Thondup (one of my teachers) writes in The Healing Power of the Mind, “…realization has many stages.  It is easy…to get detoured in grasping of one sort or another.”

Please note that all images within this blog are of my creation if not otherwise noted.   Thank you.

http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book tells me that a book is a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fashioned together to hinge at one side.  A single sheet within a book is called a leaf, and each side of a leaf is called a page.

Could a blog be a book made up of postings?

9 responses to “About

  1. Could a blog be that? I think there’s a lot of us trying to find out… Be well~

    • brenda

      could that which is understood to be a book, once in some cultures made of wording upon slats of wood, tell us of impermanence?

  2. You create some really beautiful images!

  3. Found you under Buddhism in The Reader. Seeking out like minds. Look forward to reading your blog book.:)

  4. will you please check the spelling of your blog title …

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