steel thorns

my dear old village,

every memory of home

pierces like a thorn ~Issa

Releasing the shackles of tension

Concentrating energy and then relaxing is a good way to release any physical or mental tension. Concentrate your mind, feel the tension, and then let go…release energy blocks in the mind and body…concentrate on feeling where the pressure is – often you can release the stress simply by bringing awareness to it, and letting go.  If muscles are tense in a certain place, they will relax once awareness of letting go is there.

Release the stress or worry in your head by relaxing the muscles of your face and forehead, and letting go of all tension…image a healing light opening up and relaxing the tightness or pain in your head, or where ever it is tense…imagine your out-breath as a warm wind that sweeps away stress…releasing your breath into the welcoming infinity of space. (pages 108-109)*


The Healing Power of the Mind

Tulku Thondup

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