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black and white photo challenge: upward

These lazy spring days

continue-but how far away

those times called Long Ago! ~Buson*

a bell

a bell

It is part of the photographer’s job to see more intensely than most people do. He must have and keep in him something of the receptiveness of the child who looks at the world for the first time or the traveller who enters a strange country. ~Bill Brant**

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*The Sound of  Water

Trans: Sam Hamill

**The Tao of Photography

Philippe L. Gross and S.I. Shapiro


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steel thorns

my dear old village,

every memory of home

pierces like a thorn ~Issa

Releasing the shackles of tension

Concentrating energy and then relaxing is a good way to release any physical or mental tension. Concentrate your mind, feel the tension, and then let go…release energy blocks in the mind and body…concentrate on feeling where the pressure is – often you can release the stress simply by bringing awareness to it, and letting go.  If muscles are tense in a certain place, they will relax once awareness of letting go is there.

Release the stress or worry in your head by relaxing the muscles of your face and forehead, and letting go of all tension…image a healing light opening up and relaxing the tightness or pain in your head, or where ever it is tense…imagine your out-breath as a warm wind that sweeps away stress…releasing your breath into the welcoming infinity of space. (pages 108-109)*


The Healing Power of the Mind

Tulku Thondup


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weekly photo challenge: fresh


As a water-vessel is variously perceived by beings:

Nectar to celestials,
 is for a man plain drinking-water,

While to the hungry ghost it seems a putrid ooze of pus and blood,

Is for the water serpent-spirits
 and the fish a place to live in,

While it is space to gods who dwell 
in the sphere of infinite space.

So any object, live or dead,
 within the person or without —

 is seen by beings 
according to their fruits of kamma.

                                                                  ~The Buddha

In a new post specifically for this WordPress photo challenge, share a photo which means FRESH to you!


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fearlessly look…

Be from the earth, not of it.

wordless wednesdat

Fearlessly look into the seat of the trouble.

Where the grief is the strongest,

the doubt most disturbing,

the turmoil most opaque,

the ignorance most dark –

that is the place where enlightenment will break through.


The Feeling Buddha

David Brazier

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symptoms are way home


Symptoms are ways home.  They are our routes, our passages, our betaking of ourselves. A symptom is a kind of sigh, a sort of relief in a routine of life, a letting go of the unfamiliar and entering the unfamiliar.  It is not a dangling part, but rather a striking, integrated expression of self. In the system of interpretation of traditional acupuncture, the symptom acts as a leitmotif, a main theme of a persons’ life that has been called up to be dealt with, to be completed.  The symptom is not for the sake of itself.  It is, rather, an instrument for wholing, healing, coming home.

The symptom sits in the person’s history.  It is a request for support; not support for simply getting rid of, of fixing it; but support for bearing it; for suffering it as an expression of life; support for seeing the wisdom and embrace ability of the symptom.  It may even be said that a symptom, no matter how awesome or terrible, is life requesting to be embraced in all its manifestations.      . . . A symptom is a way to the whole, to the person’s story, to her history, to her “storied” life.  Like any opening, anyway in, there are things that come into view right away; so the symptom acts as an opening to vision and relationships beyond the ordinary, beyond the suffering (All Sickness is Homesickness, Connelly, 1993)

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photo friday: structure [of time]


Dogen-zenji  said, ‘Time goes from present to past,’ This is absurd, but in our practice sometimes it is true. Instead of time progressing from past to present, it goes backwards from present to past. Yoshitsune was a famous warrior who lived in medieval Japan. Because of the situation of the country at that time, he was sent to the northern provinces, where he was killed. Before he left he bade farewell to his wife, and soon after she wrote in a poem, ‘Just as you unreel the thread from a spool, I want the past to become present.’ When she said this, actually she made time present. In her mind the past became alive and was the present. So as Dogen said, ‘Time goes from present to past.’ This is not true in our logical mind, but it is in the actual experience of making past time present. There we have poetry, and there we have human life. (33)*


*Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

Shunryu Suzuki

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 The years tumble by

like the leaves driven before the breeze,

intricate and veined,

fading from the green of recent memories

to the gold autumnal shades of the past.*

*Dark Hallow

John Connolly

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