silent sunday



June 8, 2014 · 2:17 pm

a silent golden glow…

A dandelion inquired,

“Do you like butter?”

dandelion (3) dandelion (2)A silent golden glow…

was her chin’s response.

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Expanding the Circle: The Engaged Photographer


…and yet I ponder why…one image will enter my being and touch my soul and awaken states of being such as sadness, compassion, anger, helplessness, joy…while another forces my consciousness to hide behind windows colored by detachment.

Originally posted on THE BARDO GROUP/BEGUINE AGAIN, Home of "The B Zine" ... Be inspired...Be creative...Be peace...Be:

In this video, photographer and Moving Walls exhibition co-curator Susan Meiselas, an American documentary photographer, discusses documentary photography’s potential to connect and move audiences by “expanding the circle of knowledge” about human rights and social justice issues.

The video also features a variety of work by photographers supported by the Open Society Institute Documentary Photography Project. The project funds photographers who go beyond documentation, using images to foster civic engagement, organizing, advocacy, outreach, public awareness education, and media attention.

Opening photograph: © Eric Gottesman

Words and video courtesy of Open Society

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weekly photo challenge: work of art

I gaze at the moon –

and every night is the night

I waited for



This week, the photo challenge is to share a photo of something that’s art … visit the dailypost to view additional images submitted for this week’s challenge.


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a flower at a traveler’s inn

Overtaken by darkness

I will lodge under

the boughs of a tree.

Flowers alone

host me tonight.

                                               ~Taira-no-Tadanori (1144-84)*



Japanese Death Poems

Yoel Hoffmann

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weekly photo challenge: on the move


The afternoon swam by

like a giant fish

with red translucent scales.

In its stillness

the palm trees were copper

and coconuts round

with the clanging of a gong; my eyes

were sweetened

in the orange sifting of oboes.

                                       ~Wang Phui Nam (1935-)*


visit the Daily Post at to view additional images submitted for this week’s photo challenge: on the move


fire in the sea

an anthology of poetry and art

Sue Cowing


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weekly photo challenge: spring

So very still, even

cherry blossoms are not stirred

by the temple bell


photochallengespring 1



The Sound of Water

Trans: Sam Hamill

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