the nature of attention


…the nature of attention alters what it finds; and specifically that when we cease to act, to be involved, spontaneous and intuitive, and instead become passive, disengaged, self-conscious, and stare in an ‘objective’ fashion at the world around us, it becomes bizarre, alien, frightening…madness…is the end-point of the trajectory [that] consciousness follows when it separates from the body and the passions, and from the social and practical world, and turns in upon itself…there is a close relation between philosophy and madness. The philosopher’s predilection for abstraction and alienation – for detachment from body, world and community, can produce a type of seeing and experiencing which is, in a literal sense, pathological.*

The Master and his Emissary
Iain McGilchrist

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wordless wednesday


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April 2, 2014 · 4:00 pm

Bernie Sanders: Inequality–A Threat to American Democracy


hoarding by any other name…is still hoarding

Originally posted on Dandelion Salad:

Inequality Hurts Us All

Image by Dean Chahim via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

Bernie Sanders on Mar 27, 2014

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks on the Senate floor about skyrocketing income and wealth inequality and the destruction of the middle class.

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Looking is a gift, but seeing is a power. ~ Jeff Berner

Originally posted on Nathan De Ruwe:

Every time I heard about Morocco, it was about their culture, the spices, traditions,…  It got me very excited to visit this country. However after my visit I have a different opinion.

I saw the darker side of Morocco which is hidden from normal tourists. The dirty streets, poverty, bad living conditions,…  There is more to these people than what meets the eye especially if you leave the touristic places.

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March 24, 2014 · 4:12 pm

the rememberer


the rememberer…is a person who defies the natural laws of decay, one who makes the heart a more hospitable  ground for the traces of the past than stone could ever be. The rememberer might also be a lonely rebel against the passage of time. To resist the erasures occasioned by this passage of time, memories have to be written down.

…the memories which lie within us are not carved in stone, nor do they tend to become erased as years go by. But often they change, or even grow by incorporating extraneous features. ‘This scant reliability of our memories will be satisfactorily explained only when we know in what language, what alphabet they are written, on what surface, and with what pen: to this day we are still far from this goal.’ [Primo Levi] *


Bridge Across Broken Time

Vera Schwarez


EV Abraham


BC Kofford

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photo friday: climate

A nipping wind!

tearing into the rock,

the voice of water.





Haiku Master Buson

Yuki Sawa

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form from form

begonia angel wing

…Full sail, I voyage

Over the boundless ocean, and I tell you

Nothing is permanent in all the world.

All things are fluid; every image forms,

Wandering through change.  Time is itself a river

In constant movement, and the hours flow by

Like water, wave on wave, pursued, pursuing,

Forever fugitive, forever new.

That which has been, is not: that which was not,

Begins to be; motion and moment always

In process of renewal …

Not even the so-called elements are constant …

Nothing remains the same; the great renewer,

Nature, makes form from form, and, oh, believe me

That nothing ever dies…

      ~Ovid, Metamorphoses*


The Master and his Emissary

Iain McGilchrist

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